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Kitten Care Sheet

Before Your BellArista Kitten Arrives:

We suggest you set up his/her food, fresh water, and clean litterbox in a room isolated from other pets.  We recommend this "quarantine" period last about 3 weeks.  It is important that your kitten is given adequate time to settle in to his/her new home before introducing other household pets.  After your kitten has become comfortable around you and your family, we recommend slowly introducing him/her to the household pets and other rooms (this time frame varies depending on individual cat/kitten).  Please supervise all visits until you are certain your kitten is safe and comfortable.

Feeding Your BellArista Kitten:

Your kitten is currently eating Hills Science Diet Kitten formula.  He/she is given free range to this wonderful dry food.  We do not recommend feeding low-end commercial foods as cats are naturally carnivores and low-end foods can contain ingredients that are hard for them to digest.

Please insure that fresh water is available at all times in clean bowls/water bottles.  Your kitten may be used to drinking out of a water bottle like his/her mother by the time he/she comes to your new home.  It is up to you to continue using a water bottle.  We use them because Bengals are naturally attracted to water and like to put their feet in their water bowls.  Using a water bottle is a great way to cut down on germs.


Your kitten is currently using his/her litterbox filled with Equine Pine pelleted bedding.  There are many brands of pine pelletted bedding/litter and any will do the job.  This is a great alternative to clay litter.  It is safe for kittens and virtually dust free.  It can easily be cleaned and our cats love it.  We recommend one litterbox (covered or not) per 2 cats placed in a quiet area.  Your kitten's litterbox is currently being scooped twice daily.  Cats don't like using dirty litterboxes, so we recommend cleaning them at least once daily.


We strongly recommend having plenty of toys readily available for your new kitten.  Bengals are very active and require plenty of toys to "keep them out of trouble".  We suggest also investing in a cat tree for your new kitten.  They are relatively inexpensive and last a very long time.  They can be picked up at your local pet store or even purchased on eBay.  All cats love them and especially our Bengals.  Cat wheels are also wonderful options to stimulate your Bengal.


Bengals are very intelligent, curious, and active cats.  Listed below are some common safety hazards:

Your BellArista Kitten Vaccine and Worming Dates:

See your kitten healthy record.

Please Share With Your Veterinarian:

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me at: (352) 812-2999.