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Here at BellArista, our number one priority is our cats'/kittens' health and happiness.  As much as we feel blessed to own such wonderful cats, it is still a big responsibility that we do not take lightly.   Our cats/kittens are given the best of everything we can possibly offer them, especially our love and attention, something that they can't seem to get enough of!

Our Bengals ALWAYS have access to plenty of food, water, oversized clean litter boxes, and toys.  They are also kept up to date on vaccines and on a consistent de-worming and de-fleaing schedule.

They are given unlimited Science Diet dry food.  This is a diet that our Bengals are perfectly happy/healthy with.


Multiple cat households can offer certain stresses to the cats, as well as to the owners.  So to help cut down on stress and insure cleanliness, we provide at least one over sized litter box for every two cats.  These litter boxes are filled with Equine Pine pelleted bedding and cleaned at least twice daily.  Equine Pine is a great alternative to clay and clumping litter and we have had much success using it.  It helps to eliminate odor and the tracking of litter all over.  It is also very easy to clean and our cats love it.

Since Bengals are such active animals, we have many cat trees readily available.  We have one in each of our stud and queen pens, as well as in our nursery.  All of which are disinfected weekly and replaced as needed.  There are also numerous toys of every shape and size always available.

A few weeks before our queens are ready to deliver, they are brought into the nursery where they are each given a special place to call their own for the next couple of months.  This gives them time to settle in and prepare to raise their upcoming litter.  We firmly believe that queening pens are extremely beneficial to mother and her kittens, not to mention is a much more safe and sanitary alternative to letting them roam freely.  They are also a great way to quarantine new cats coming to BellArista as long as there are no kittens present.  As mentioned, every giant queening pen has its own double cat condo, scratching post, over sized litter box, plenty of food, water and toys, and when it is time to deliver, its own nesting box for mother. 

As our kittens grow they are given constant love and attention.  They are handled and socialized daily by us as well as the house mascot, our Great Dane, Chloe.  They are raised in our home until they are of age to go to their new homes between about 10 and 12 weeks.

We like to place our kittens in a home in the best interest of the kitten.  We prefer to see them go into forever loving pet homes where they will live out their whole lives.  But we do occasionally place exceptional kittens into breeding programs we feel we can trust.  Our kittens are much more to us than just a monetary value so it is very important that they are loved and cherished in their new home, no matter what it be, just like they are here!


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